Microsquad Watermelon released

Veni Vidi Vici
The Microsquad 75 mm X2 – F4 + Caddx EOS2 with 1-2s Lipo Power!

All fans have been waiting for that! The Watermelon Edition now comes with F4 flight control, 0803 engines, super sharp Caddx EOS2 (custom edition), VTX with UFL and the new V3 frame. The new Microsquad 0803 engines now with ball bearings and even better performance and power! Also this 2s Microsquad can be flown with 2s as well as 1s Lipo! That means you can continue to use the 1s Lipos! Thus, you are extremely flexible and can easily adapt your Microsquad to the situation – indoor and outdoor!

All Details about the Microsquad Watermelon
Build manual

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